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Tropical foliage plants including draceaneas, cordylines, calathea, tree ferns etc are popular for landscaping because of the wide variety of colours and textures available, that when used in a garden, create a fantastic low maintenance display offering year round colour.

Many tropical foliage plants such as draceaneas, cordylines and yakkas can be grown from the plant cane. A top can also be planted into the ground, and  will send out roots and keep growing.

Most tropical foliage plants will grow in full sun however some of the calatheas offer their best colour when grown in the shade. Many of the cordyline and dracenea species will grow as far down as Melbourne however they are slower growing in these cooler climates. Draceneas, cordylines, Yakkas and Agaves will be added to the site over the coming weeks but please email us if you are looking for someting we haven't listed yet



calatheas and tree ferns

calatheas and tree ferns

Calatheas are characterised by their striking foliage colours and often unusual flowers. Calathea cigar offers magnificent round leaves and chocolate coloured candlabra flower bracts that tower at 2m while calathea rattle snake and calathea wheat have unusual coloured and shaped flowers that are set off by the contrasting foliage. Tree ferns are ea...

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